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FIC: Leia vs. Arwen 1/1 (Rated G)

AN: This was written for the missing letter challenge on the spy_land community on LJ. I'm on Team CIA and my assigned missing letter was the letter F. Btw I still don't own Alias or any if it's characters because if I had Jack Bristow wouldn't have died the way he did!

"Marshall, you can't be serious!" Sydney's eyes grew big at the disguise laying ere her.

Marshall's smile began to quaver. "What's wrong with it?"

"Marshall, it's a Princess Leia slave girl costume!"


"So? Just because my contact decided to meet me at this year's Dragon Con doesn't mean I have to dress up like all other the geeks there!"

"Sorry, Marshall, but no! I'm not doing the Princess Leia thing!"
"Umm, okay. How about Arwen then?" Sydney sighed. "I suppose pointed ears are better than metal underwear on any day!"